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Every Time We Say Goodbye


In Every Time We Say Goodbye, Michael Guerra Foerster explores ideas of intimacy, separation, grief and memory through ceramic sculptures called Floops. This work takes root in the artist’s subconscious and touches upon the fundamental transformation of interpersonal relationships through time, the coping mechanisms used to bring closure to traumatic experiences, and the incredible toll of the human condition.

Throughout the exhibition are several unique and strange forms that draw inspiration from animation, games and toys representative of the early 2000’s. These forms are littered with cracks and spontaneous ashen markings produced in the pit firing process, a method Foerster sees as a stand-in for the human condition: huge flames, rapidly changing pressure and falling debris creating a variety of effects, desirable or otherwise.

The expressions on the Floops are simple yet evocative. While some radiate confidence, others express insecurity, and still others betray no emotion whatsoever. Many of the Floops in the space also emit incense, trailing clouds of smoke in the gallery and recalling the violent nature of pit firing, giving that conceptually traumatic experience a presence, but the sour scent of charred wood has been replaced by that of copal and palo santo, thought to cleanse and bring healing. Each form exists as a different manifestation and amalgamation of influences Foerster considers significant: close friends, friends and family long lost, distant memories, past traumas, and coping mechanisms.

In an effort to connect with visitors, the artist invites visitors to pull a ticket and take it to the front desk to receive a piece to take home.

'Every Time We Say Goodbye' was on display at Artpace in San Antonio, Texas from May through September of 2022.


Bran clay ceramic ceramics sculpture michael foerster
art, Michael Guerra Foerster
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