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My practice explores ideas of intimacy, separation, solitude, grief, and memory through ceramic sculpture. In this work, I examine fundamental transformations that my relationships have undergone over time and flawed memories of periods of my life I consider significant. In this way I attempt to better understand myself - my biases, fears, ambitions and apprehensions - and how my experience with the human condition can be reflective of the experiences of others. I create these manifestations of my hard feelings to personally search for closure or healing, but also to establish connections with the viewer through the sharing of experiences. A part of establishing these connections is freely giving work to viewers, which has become central to my practice. This interaction subverts capitalistic structures that prevent meaningful dialogue between artwork, viewer, and artist, but also speaks to the complex and intense materialist urge to own, collect, and possess, as well as the sad reality of transactional relationships.

Michael Guerra Foerster is an artist living and working in San Antonio, Texas. Michael received a BFA with a concentration in ceramics from the University of Texas at San Antonio in 2018, has studied at Haystack, Penland and Arrowmont Schools of Craft, participated in residencies at Brick Gallery and Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts, and exhibited nationally, including creating temporary and permanent public art pieces in San Antonio. Michael is also currently a visual arts instructor at SAY Sí (San Antonio Youth Yes) where he teaches middle and high school-age artists, who in turn regularly inspire his work. The curriculum he co-creates focuses on creating elevated and original artwork, while also promoting social justice and community centered action.

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